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Therapeutic massage (60min/90min/120min)
Muscle tension release, fitted to your personal needs

You’re feeling exhausted from your flight, from a hard day of climbing or any other outdoor activity, have tired legs or climbing shoe squeezed feet?

Let me relieve those aches and give you back your full potential with a unique massage especially adapted to your needs.

It’s a therapeutic massage paired with influences of deep tissue, podal reflexology, ayurvedic massage, relax massage, and the Dorn-Breuss method. 

There’s the possibility to receives lymphatic drainage treatment which also has a highly relieving effect if you’re struggling with liquid retention for example in your legs. 

The kind of massage I give depends much on what the person needs. (but mostly it’s a full body relaxing and muscular recuperation massage).

Over the last year I specialized in deep tissue releasing techniques to improve the muscle recovery from climbers backs and arms.

I’m happy to answer your questions or to provide more information on the phone or via email.

Laura Reuber 

Massage Therapist