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By the end of 2020 I finished my first course about recuperation and relaxing massage, which I took at the “SIMAC” school (500+ hours), including a internship at a physiotherapy clinic.

In March 2022 I finished the ayurvedic massage course (at “Centro de Ayurveda” Lisbon).

From March 2022 to June 2022, I did 3 short courses (at the “relaxinn” school) which are: podal reflexology, havaian massage and anti-cellulite massage. In May I did a course for manual linfatic drenage (at “SIMAC”).

Since the first course I’m working on my own, in a little practice that I set up at home.

I’m using the different techniques that I learned in all the courses, and essential oils to soothe imbalanced doshas. The kind of massage I give depends much on what the person needs. (but mostly it’s a full body relaxing and muscular recuperation massage).

Over the last year I specialized in deep tissue releasing techniques to improve the muscle recovery from climbers backs and arms.